Weekly Planner (Horizontal)

The Horizontal Weekly Planner template is for those who want to plan out their entire week at a glance and don’t require a lot of structure on the template itself for each individual day.

Each day has a dedicated lined block with no structured schedule, to-do lists, or trackers.

This gives you the freedom to put whatever you want in each day and to add a bit of structure, the top-right of the week has a to-do list and a notes section for anything that doesn’t fit within a specific day.

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Printing Horizontal Weekly Planner

Since this weekly planner functions on two separate pages, each pdf must be printed accordingly.

If your printer is capable of two-sided printing, you can easily hit print and make as many copies for as many weeks as needed.

If you can only print one page at a time, print the first page in multiple copies, flip the paper, put it back in the printing tray, then make multiple copies of page 2.


weekly horizontal planner template pdf preview