Weekly Planner (Vertical)

This vertical weekly planner template allows you to plan your entire week using vertical-style days to easily schedule your time and keep track of your daily top 3 priorities.

The simplicity and functionality of the vertical weekly template make it perfect for someone who wants to have their entire week at a glance and still have a little space for notes, thoughts, or habit tracking at the bottom of each day.

On the left of the entire week is a notes section that you can use as a free space to journal, reflect, record important thoughts, or anything else that wouldn’t fit into the schedule block or to-do list.

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Printing the Weekly

This weekly template is printed on two separate sheets of paper, making it best suited for binders and discbound notebooks and printed using a printer capable of printing on both sides of a sheet of paper.

If your printer can only print on one side at a time, print page one so it appears on the left side of whatever binder/notebook you’re putting it in, and then flip the sheets and print multiple copies of page 2 on the other side.

weekly planner template pdf download preview