Lined Paper

If you need to print some lined paper, this template comes in various paper sizes and two different line spacing widths (5 mm and 7 mm).

Sometimes you don’t need a lot of lined paper, or you need a specific amount and no more.

Take notes, practice calligraphy, journal, whatever you need, this lined paper is minimal and versatile.

On this page, you can instantly download a printable lined PDF template in 4 different paper sizes (letter, half-letter, A5, and Happy Planner).

Lined Template Download Links

Printing Lined Paper

If you want to print a stack of lined paper, choose your paper size, desired spacing, and print as many copies as you need.

All of the templates above are made to be compatible with discbound notebooks (Happy Planner, TUL, Arc, etc.) and 3-ring/6-ring binders, so you can print the templates on both sides of your paper, punch any holes you need, and the margins should be enough to not have your holes be punched into the printed lines.

5 mm is closer to college-ruled, while 7 mm is closer to wide-ruled lined paper.


lined paper printable pdf template free preview