Recipe Template

Have a favorite recipe but hate digging through websites to find it again?

Do you equally hate the ads they dump on the page whenever you try to read a recipe from your phone?

Solve all of these problems by printing your own recipe templates.

With a recipe template, you can store all your favorite recipes in one place, modify the recipes to your preferences, and keep a coherent, consistent look in your recipe collection.

Below are the instant download links for our recipe templates.

Recipe Template Download Links

  • Letter Size Fillable Template – DOWNLOAD FROM GOOGLE DRIVE OR FILL FEATURE WON’T WORK.  This PDF requires a full download to use the type-in-fill feature. This template is designed to let you type your recipe on your computer and then print it out.
  • Letter Size Written Template (v2) – This is the same as the fillable template but without the fillable fields. It’s intended for you to write your recipes by hand.
  • 7-inch x 9.25 inch “Happy Planner” Size (v2) – This is for the popular Happy Planner size notebook. For this template to fit in your Happy Planner you’ll have to print first, then hole punch after with your own discbound “mushroom” hole puncher.
  • A5 (5.8″ x 8.3″) – This is for A5-sized paper to print for a 6-ring binder.
  • Half Letter (5.5″ x 8.5″) – This is for half-letter paper to put in 3-ring mini binders or Junior Discbound notebooks to create a custom recipe book.

How to best use the Recipe Templates

This template has some extra margin on the left side to be compatible with various binders and notebook types.

With this template, you can make an affordable, customized DIY recipe book!

Recipe Template Breakdown

The minimal design of the template gives it a clean look while also being very customizable and functional.

It doesn’t have the word “RECIPE” on top, taking up space because, well, you know, it’s a recipe card, and it will get pretty tiresome to see it across every page, so we omitted it.

Put the name of your recipe at the top, and directly underneath is a Prep Time, Cook Time, and Serving section.

Under that, you have ingredients on the left and directions on the right, with a general notes section at the bottom for tips, tricks, and little reminders to help you execute your recipe perfectly every time.

recipe template preview download pdf
3 ring binder compatible recipe card