7″ x 9.25″ ‘Classic Happy Planner’ 2024 Calendar Template

Do you have a 9-disc Discbound notebook or Classic Happy Planner that you want to keep updated without needing to buy an entirely new notebook?

Look no further! This 2024 calendar template is made for the unique 7″ x 9.25″ Classic Happy Planner size, and can be printed quickly and easily at home.

Need Blank Happy Planner Size Paper?

If you’re into printing your own templates for 9-disc Happy Planners, you can visit our Amazon Listing for Happy Planner sized blank paper. It matches the same thickness (120 GSM) and exact size that is used in Happy Planner.

Happy Planner 2024 Calendar Template Download Links

Our templates are all hosted on Google Drive, where you can print them directly or save them to your computer.

2024 Happy Planner Calendar Download – Monday Start

2024 Happy Planner Calendar Download – Sunday Start

Printing and Using Discbound templates

One big issue with discbound paper is that you can’t print templates if holes are already punched in the paper, as the delicate punches will get caught on each other when being fed through your printer.

So if you want to customize a discbound notebook or Happy Planner, you need to print your templates first and then punch the holes afterward.

If you already own a discbound hole puncher, you can use our Classic Happy Planner sized paper, print your templates, punch the holes, and put them in your planner.

What’s on the Calendar

This calendar comes with all dates for 2024 pre-set, every major holiday, moon phases, notes section, and a to-do list.

preview image of happy planner sized dated 2024 calendar template