The Workout Log – Craft Your Perfect Routine

Workout Log
The Workout Log

Log your workout in perfect detail. Track sets you make, miss, and rate each set to adjust your next workout.

This workout log was designed to help you log each and every set in great detail so you can better understand how you’re approaching your fitness goals and make potential adjustments so you can craft the perfect routine and continue your progress (instead of getting stuck).

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Ditch The Blank Workout Journal

From what I’ve seen, most people just log their workout for the day on a blank note pad and check off what they’ve completed. If you have done a few workouts, you realize not every exercise is as simple as writing it down. How you feel before your workout, how your last workout went, and how you feel in the moment all affect the quality of your exercise routine on an given day.

The Workout Log has space for you to log exactly how each set within each exercise goes, if you actually hit the intended goal for each exercise, and the kind of set you’re trying to attempt (a new personal record, a backoff set, warmup, whatever you can think of).

This level of detail will really shine some light onto your routine as a whole. You can see if you’re overloading yourself with exercises which kills your energy for next time you exercise. You can better tell if something else is going wrong such as your sleeping or nutrition. It lets you solve problems you might not know you even had so you can continue to progress in your fitness goals.