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The Weekly Planner

The Weekly Planner is to be used in conjunction with the Daily Planner to help guide your daily planning efforts. It’s also there to “set the tone” for the upcoming week you’re going to have, and lay out the most important things you want to accomplish that will have you hit your even bigger monthly and yearly goals.

The layout is simple, it’s broken down into 4 separate sections that let you lay out your tasks for the week that will give you the most balanced, rewarding week you can have: Work related tasks, health related tasks, and fun / personal development related “tasks”.

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Weekly Planner Template Sizes

Weekly Planner A5 Size
A5 – 148mm x 210mm
Letter Size – 8.5″ x 11″


The Weekly Planner comes in two sizes that you can use to make either a smaller, more portable planner or one with a bigger standard size of paper. Our make your own planner guide goes over the benefits of each if you are printing out your planner at home.

Each section of The Weekly Planner explained

This Week’s Theme

This week's theme example

This section is how you set the tone for the week you’re going to have. This part can serve a few purposes: It can hype you up for the week you’re about to have, the top priority you want to tackle, you can choose something that will keep you honed in on what you felt your last week lacked, you can have a frame of mind you want to keep present, or even a motivational quote or a space to encourage yourself. There are many possibilities and paths to take.

It’s your guiding star for the week. This way you can add a bit of meaning and excitement to your week. It’ll feel like the week is a personal project rather than “Just another week”.

WORK Section

Work Week Example

Work can be many things: Most obviously, your job, but it can be anything that’s related to a business or professional related goal. This can be learning a work related skill, anything that increases a business related side project, anything you can think of.

HEALTH Section

Health and Fitness Sample

This is, you guessed it, the place where you put anything you want to accomplish during the week focused around health and fitness. Possibilities are of course entirely up to you.

Everyone has different things needed to keep them healthy. And you’d certainly know what’s needed for YOU to be healthy, blog posts online can only tell you so much about your current situation. Make sure to start from what you can do and increase the intensity as you tackle small health/fitness goals. Also, make sure to be as specific as possible.

Some examples:

  • Cook a number of your meals this week
  • Go to the gym at least 3 times
  • Go for a jog every morning
  • Bike to work at least twice
  • Wake up at 6AM every week day

FUN Section

health and fitness example week

This section is important because it prevents you from creating a week you’ll think is good for you but actually hate in practice.

While it’s called the “fun” section, this is also the section for personal development. That’s things like meditating, learning a non-professional skill, self improvement stuff, and anything else you can think of.

Things that are fun to you should be obvious. It’s very possible you are planning your week because you have too much “fun” as it is and want to dial it back so you can feel like you actually got something done this week, while making your fun activities feel more rewarding.

Even the fun things you tell yourself are not helping your life can be meaningful and fulfilling. Planning for enriching fun things will stop you from habitually doing

Weekly Errands

Weekly Errands

Some things you have to do this week don’t fit into the 3 sections above.

There should be some tedious things you’ll have to take care of for the week that you wouldn’t want to mix up with other plans. Like going to grocery shopping, buying tea, calling mom, etc. Anything that you don’t know where to put can go to Errands section.

Notes & Reflection

Weekly Notes And Reflections

Use this section to solve the problems that pop up during the week that are preventing you from accomplishing what you want. Writing it down will really help towards making those adjustments.

This lets you comment on your individual tasks. Didn’t hit those 4 gym sessions? What stopped you? Will you get it next week? Is 4 trips too many? Do you need to sort out your sleep so you can have more energy throughout the day?

Make useful notes to identify the problems you had or things that went well that you want to keep up with. At the end of the week, while checking off the list you can use these notes to help yourself guide to make better plans for the following week. This self-feedback will give you a sense of direction and you will find it incredibly helpful.

How well did you stick to your schedule?

How well did you schedule your week

Just like in the Daily Planner, you can rate your week by how well you stuck to your schedule. If you’re writing down ideal weeks that you want to have, it’s likely to have a lot more responsibility in it than you’re used to. That means you likely won’t be able to hit it 100%, especially at first.

That’s fine. What’s most important is that you get as close as possible, then aim even closer next week. Rating your week lets you get closer and closer to 100% each week, and will make following a schedule much easier with time.

The goal of this planner is not to hit 100% every week, but to make sure you set your goal and work towards it. See the progress as your indicator of things working.

Get the week you want!

With this weekly planner, combined with all the other planning templates on this site like The Daily Planner, Monthly Planner, and others, you can really take control of your time and be more productive than you ever imagined.