Undated Daily Planner Template

Plan Your Day Effortlessly

Our Daily Planner Template is perfect for those who need to plan each day out in detail. With a minimal design, utilize a to-do list with top 3 priorities, a scheduling section, and a large notes / journaling section, this daily template will help you have the most productive day possible.

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A5 Undated Daily Planner Template Download

Dimensions: 148mm x 210mm – 5.8 inch x 8.3 inch

Best for: A5 6-ring binders such as Filofax or other popular brands.

Buy Pre-punched A5 paper for this template.

A5 is considered the most versatile small size for personal organizers and planners, and there’s a lot of variety and support for the A5 size. Not too big or small, perfect for those who want a compact planner but don’t want something tiny.

Half-Letter Undated Daily Planner Template Download

Dimensions: 5.5 inch x 8.5 inch

Best for: 3-ring mini binders or Junior size 8 disc discbound planners (hole punching required after printing)

Buy pre-punched half-letter size paper for this template.

Half-letter size is exactly what it sounds like, a standard sheet of letter-size paper cut in half. While not as wide as A5, some people prefer this format, especially for the DIY possibilities of cutting your own letter-size paper in half and punching holes on your own.

These also work great for Junior size, 8-disc discbound notebooks if you have your own discbound hole punch.

Letter Size Undated Daily Planner Template Download

Dimensions: 8.5 inch x 11 inch

Best for: Letter size 3-ring binders or simply printing and having it quickly accessible.

Buy pre-punched Letter Size paper for this template

Letter-size paper is great for one main reason: You probably have a big stack of it sitting on your desk, in your closet somewhere, or next to your cat’s litter.

Daily planning on letter paper is great because you get a lot of space for note-taking, generating long to-do lists and having enough space to schedule blocks of time for all hours of the day.

7″ x 9.5″ Discbound Size (aka Happy Planner size) Undated Daily Planner Template Download

Dimensions: 7 inch x 9.5 inch

Best for: DIY Happy Planner inserts or other 9-disc discbound notebook planners.

Buy this template pre-printed and punched.

This is a unique size, mainly designed around the popular Happy Planner. Since most Happy Planners don’t come with a daily insert, this template is perfect for those who already own a Happy Planner and want to boost their existing planner with more precision, or simply want to extend the life of their current Happy Planner.

If you want to print this yourself, however, you’ll need a discbound hole puncher with at least 9 punches.

How to Print the Daily Planner Template

Look through the sizes above and determine which is for you.

Smaller binders like A5 have less space for to-do items, scheduling, and notes but offer more portability. Also, there are a lot of options online for A5 6-ring binders, which brings a bit of customization options making it a popular choice.

Half-letter is similar to A5, but is a bit more narrow, binders typically come in 3-ring form, and it’s harder to find more variability in styling than with A5. A popular way people use Half-letter is through Junior size, 8-disc discbound notebooks like Staples Arc and Office Depot’s TUL brands.

Happy Planner size (7″ x 9.5″) is a less typical size than you’ll usually see, but is a nice small step up from A5 and Half-letter for those who want something a little bigger, but not as big as Letter size.

Letter size is the paper we’re all used to, and you can either print this daily planner template in stacks and keep them on your desk, or put them in a 3-ring binder for a quick and simple, cost-effective DIY personal organizer.

Once you know your preferred template size, click the download link above and save the PDF that pops up.

Our templates are optimized for binders and discbound notebooks, so you’ll see our templates are offset a bit to the left and right, which makes space for hole punches.

It is highly recommended you have a printer that can print on both sides if you want a DIY planner, as it will save you a lot of time overall.

Using the Daily Planning Template

Daily planners are for those of us who tend to fill our weekly planners up quickly, wishing we had more space to break out each day into more detail, and also needing more space to brain dump, journal, reflect, and wrap the day up.

This daily planning template was set up with a minimal approach in mind, but allows a bit of freedom with a large notes section that can be used for whatever you need it to be.

It’s straightforward, set up what you have to do, schedule your time, and if you want to jot some notes down, reflect on the day, write some lines of gratitude, or journal a bit, you can do all of that in the notes section that is intentionally left open for you to be creative and do what you want with.

Daily planning works well in conjunction with overarching weekly, monthly, and yearly goals, so make sure you have an organizer that helps you with larger goal setting so that you can break it down into each day.

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