All-in-One Monthly Planner (Letter Size)

This planner covers your entire month on a single sheet of paper.

It’s been boiled down to the essentials of what you need to get done, keeps you organized, and builds on positive reinforcement of habit-building and logging wins.

Download the Monthly All-in-One Planning Template

Google Drive Link – Letter Size, 8.5″ x 11″

Print or Download following the link above. No email or signup is required.

Why this planning template was made

This planner is for people who want a low-investment, low-risk, and easy way to get into paper planning. No journals, no purchases, just a single sheet of paper and a printer is required.

How to use this planner:

  • To-Do Section: Break out your “to-do” tasks into categories at the top of the page. There are six categories so you can separate things like work, school, personal, housework, etc., into their own category.
  • Calendar section, you can approach a day in two different ways:
  • One: “Pull” a task from the to-do section into a specific day; each to-do task is coded so you don’t have to write the same thing over if you don’t want to (so you can put “C3” on Monday if you wish).
  • Two: Write anything you have already accomplished in the day box and try to get three “wins” daily. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something you did, but any positive aspect about a day (good weather, showering, having a nice meal, etc.).
  • Bottom section: Track up to 4 habits (you know how to use a habit tracker at this point), and a “Big wins” section that lets you log the best of the best wins from your calendar (motivating and feels good)
  • That’s it.

What this planner is not

This planner is not a complete scheduling organizer with time slots or sections for journaling.

If you want more comprehensive templates, you can view our many other templates on our home page in 4 different popular page sizes.



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