The Monthly Planner Template

The Monthly Planner is very simple. It contains calendar that you’re likely very familiar with along with space for setting out your monthly goals and an area to reflect on the month when it’s complete. The point of the monthly calendar is to use in conjunction with The Year Planner, The Weekly Planner, all the way down to The Daily Planner. It provides a high level perspective for important deadlines and events that occur within the month.

You can get a big picture view of your month, which can make it easier and more obvious as to what you need to schedule within your upcoming weeks and days.

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The Monthly Planner Sizes

The Monthly Planner comes in 2 sizes: A5 (148mm x 210mm) and Standard American Letter Size (8.5″ x 11″). When making your own planner, you can choose to go with either size depending on your preference.

Monthly Planner Template - A5
Monthly Planner Template – A5
Monthly Planner - Letter Size Preview
Monthly Planner – Letter Size

Each section of The Monthly Planner Explained

Goals of the Month

Your goals for the year can be broken down into smaller chunks in this section. Breaking down a goal for an entire year to a single day can be a bit too difficult. Using the 12 months you have in a year to make your goals a bit more manageable will allow you to further detail them in your weekly and daily plans.

Some good goals for the month including:

  • Finish your current book (or read multiple!)
  • Set a budget goal
  • Emphasize important deadlines (things like taxes)
  • Finish a large business project
  • Hit a new physical fitness goal

Anything that makes you feel like you’re closer to your yearly and lifetime goals while still able to be reasonably done within a month’s time.

The Daily Calendar

This is literally a simple calendar. Holidays, birthdays, deadlines, etc. can all go here. You know how to use this.

Come back to your monthly plan time to time and when crafting your weeks so you don’t miss any important deadlines. Always being on top of your month will transform you from a person who forgets basic but important tasks (increasing your stress) to someone who easily handles your basic responsibilities, freeing up your mental energy to focus on more important goal oriented tasks.

Reflections of the Month

At the end of the month, come back to your monthly planner and use this box to write about the month that just passed.

Use it to answer questions about your month:

  • What went well and what didn’t? And Why?
  • What would you have done better?
  • Is there any task you need to push to the next month?
  • How would you plan differently next month?

Ask these questions to yourself and set aside some time for self-feedback. This will help you plan better for the following month. Are there many tasks that you didn’t do? Don’t despair. Try to get it done next month.

The most important thing is NEVER TO GIVE UP.