Book Log

Book Log
Book Log

This is a simple book log you can put into your planner binder to log the books you’re currently reading and have read.

It’s useful to log the books you read because you can see the amount of time it takes you to read a book, which can be a motivating factor to read more often, or help you reach a goal of attempting to read a certain number of books within a year.

Download the Book Log template, and all other planner templates on this site by filling out the form below.

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Using The Book Log

The Book Log works well with in conjunction with the other planner templates (especially using it with The Habit Tracker if you’re making your own planner). A habit many people want to build is reading more often. And for good reason, reading is one of the best habits you can build for yourself and carries immense potential benefits to your life.

This book log will assist you in tracking how many books you’ve read and can motivate you to hit a certain reading based goal, whether it be completing a certain number of books within a year or just trying to read more in general.